The absolute roughness is an important measure in any copper nickel pipe because it identifies how accurate the dimensions of the pipe are. There are different standards and dimensions of pipes. So the dimensions have to be carefully measured before they could be incorporated into any piping system. The absolute roughness is a measure of the surface undulation. The deviation of the diameter could therefore be measured and an average is taken. This number identifies the accuracy of the pipe dimensions. Since the copper nickel pipe materials are highly temperature sensitive and have higher thermal expansion rates, it is crucial to know the absolute roughness. The lower the roughness the higher the accuracy of the dimensions will be.

The connection through welding requires this measurement more because the copper nickel alloys tend to deform under the welding temperature if not done carefully. So the roughness is taken into consideration before doing any kind of welding. The copper nickel tubing can be seamless, which means the tubes have less roughness or less deviation in the diameter. The other types have higher roughness. So for sensitive applications and scientific purposes, the seamless pipes are preferred. The pipes with higher roughness could also be used with careful handling and expert workmanship. The 70/30 copper nickel pipe price is very competitive because they include iron and manganese in their composition and are wrought pipes. The composition provides extra corrosion resistance properties and the material is therefore used in sea water and marine environments.

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