Have you decided to import products? If so, congratulations! Now you need to find a licenced customs brokerage service. Doing so can help you grow your business and get items through customs streamlined and fast. Without this type of help, you may face stiff fines and penalties. It can also cause you to detain some of your shipments. If this happens, you can lose your professional standing in the import field.

How to Succeed as an Importer in Australia

That is why it is essential that you use the services of a customs broker in Perth to help you succeed as an importer in Australia. If you do not have this type of help, you are on your own and the results, as indicated, can be disastrous. Think of a broker as you mentor in the import business. By taking this attitude, you stand a good chance of being an unqualified success.

What the Customs Act Says

The Customs Act 1901 states that only an owner of goods or a customs broker can declare imports or the entry of goods for home use in connection with shipping and importing. Therefore, you need to find a broker that understands the law and will help you with all the documentation needed to fulfil the established mandates. Count on a broker to help you with the steps needed for completing this type of transaction.

Green Line Status Shipments and Red Line Status Deliveries

If you ship items with a green line status, you will experience few difficulties with customs clearance. However, if your shipments receive a red line status, you have already had problems with random inspections or audits. If this turns out to be the case for you, you will need advice from a customs broker. Therefore, you need to seek his or her advice first, before you even begin importing products. A broker understands all the technicalities involved in importing and clearing products.

Find a Brokerage That Will Keep Everything Concise and Clear

Do you want to make sure your imports pass customs without difficulty? If so, you need to find a customs brokerage that can help you with paperwork, such as tariff advice applications, duty drawbacks and refunds, landed costing, and prohibited import actions and regulations. While some of these terms may not be familiar to you, they will have an impact on your business. Therefore, you need to work with a customs broker that is an expert in the field.

Begin Importing in Earnest Today

Once you find a broker, you can really start to do business. You should never consider importing anything without this kind of help. Make it your first priority to contact a broker first. That way, you can proceed with renewed confidence. Take time today to go online and see what local brokers can help you in your area.

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