As sad as it is, the reality is that sexual harassment exists in many workplaces. Worst, in some instances, the management isn’t doing enough to solve the problem. Employees sometimes just keep mum about it rather than causing a controversy. In this short article, we’ll talk about the best things to do to prevent sexual harassment in the office.

Train the Employees

Compliance training is a must to educate employees about sexual harassment, including what the victims can do and the consequences for the perpetrators. Conduct this kind of training at least once a year. This also informs them about the process of reporting sexual harassment and how the management handles such cases.

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Create Clear Policies

To stop sexual harassment, it is also crucial to have clear policies in place. The management has a duty to come up with written rules on what it plans to implement to prevent the problem. It should consult with experts in the field to determine the right courses of action. The absence of clear policies can be a loophole and can make the perpetrator irresponsible for the harassment. The policies should also present a detailed iteration of how to file complaints and how the management will act upon it.

Strengthen the Role of the Managers and Supervisors

The managers and supervisors have crucial roles to assume in preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. They should serve as good examples and must demonstrate a strict implementation of the rules and regulations against sexual harassment. They should establish a safe work culture and should immediately act on any complaints filed by employees without demonstrating a bias to any party.

Work on the Culture

One of the best ways to prevent sexual harassment is to nip aggressive behavior in the bud. Prevention is better than cure, so start with a strict hiring process, making sure to accept employees who are unlikely to cause sexual harassment. The management should also work towards building a culture of respect. Employees should learn how to respect each other regardless of job titles of work designations.

Build a Diverse Workforce

Sexual harassment is more about power than sex. The perpetrator feels dominant and in control. With this, one of the best preventive measures is to build a diverse workforce. Men and women should have equal rights. Those who are in power believe that they can easily get away with everything, including sexual harassment. Change this culture by promoting a culture of equality and diversity so that no one will feel more powerful over the other.

The employer carries the burden of preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. With this, the management should consider our suggestions above to create a safe workplace where employees have no fear of suffering from any form of sexual harassment.

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