The Formalities – 2 Documents

The Engagement Letter:

By this letter, YOU engage ME to produce your web site. The letter is a downloadable WORD document which you may edit to show your name and address, insert or attach specifications and make such other additions or changes as are appropriate. I have done it this way to be sure you as the customer can conform it to your wishes. When ready, sign and send back to me. I will sign and send return to you. Signatures may be in the form of a graphic image -they need not be “live.” If you prefer, you may mail or fax the document.

Note: The Engagement Letter applies ONLY to sites designed and/or implemented for a fee…NOT for the “free with hosting” program. Download Engagement Letter.

The Fee Schedule:

This spells out how much you pay for various services (including the “free” web site program) Download Fee Schedule.

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