Every business has a website these days. If you don’t have a website, it is incredibly difficult to see how you can survive in the modern-day marketplace, no matter what industry you are working in. Whether the consumer is looking at a website on a computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone, it is vital that the website is effective, that it does what it sets out to do, is easy to use, and that it looks great. A professional audit of your business should always include a detailed analysis of your business website and other marketing channels.

The successful companies in every industry understand how to leverage marketing channels and how to approach their target customer base. Marketing and advertising should always be fluid, and there should always be room to tweak, to improve certain processes, and to take that little step back and to look at the bigger picture.

Testing a website should be part of this process, looking at the design, the usability, and the journey that you put the user/consumer on. The idea should always be to improve the customer experience, with a view to helping the company grow.

One of the best reasons to test your company website is to improve usability. The modern-day customer wants a fluid experience, where they can switch from one device to another and not lose any part of the experience on the website they are looking at. All products and services that you offer should be easily marked, with a clear journey path for your potential customers to become customers, and for your existing customers to continue feeling part of the family of your brand.

The first time a user enters your company website they should be able to easily identify different sections and where to go within the layout to get to where they want to be. They should be able to perform these tasks as quickly as possible, and the website should be simple enough that a returning user immediately remembers what to do. The design should also be pleasant. In most cases, you only have between 10 and 30 seconds to grab the attention of a new user before they either get bored or frustrated and leave the website to look for another solution online.

By testing your website, you can also look at ways in which you can drastically improve your overall company marketing strategies. Your website is a great way to access the mind of your customer, to see how they act, what they think, and where your future marketing strategies, products, services, prices, and customer service can change in order to meet those needs.

Not only that, regular testing of your website allows you to improve customer support. It is the perfect place to provide quick and easy contact information and forms for your customers to relay important information and feedback to you, to request information, and to show that you are an open company that wants to build a long-lasting and trusting relationship with its customers.

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