Modelers will frequently paint all the parts of a model before assembling them. But in some cases, we’ll partially assemble some portions of the kit BEFORE painting, because this will give us better, faster results.

Roof sections have a convincing, somewhat blistered tar paper pattern already embossed on them and require nothing more than a few coats of flat black paint. These can be painted immediately a dull, flat black and set aside to dry.

Doors and Windows: Next, consulting the supplied instructions, test fit some windows and doors so you see how they slip into the spaces for them, and exactly where you’ll apply glue. Paint the exterior surfaces only of window frames and doors (if you choose to paint them at all). When dry, remove any paint build up that would interfere with the fit, or that would cover any surface that takes glue. Test fit again when dry to be sure of an easy installation and glue points that are free of paint.

Now, glue the glass to the backs of the windows as per the supplied instructions. Set aside to dry.

Walls: Note some wall components include heavy exposed structural members which could be either heavy timber or metal. If you wish to give them a separate color from the rest of the exterior, paint them to suit, now, and let dry.

Otherwise, partially assemble the buildings BEFORE painting the exterior walls. Refer to the supplied instruction sheet to identify parts. Assemble the buildings, leaving tops and bottoms open. Save roof sections for later. The open structures will give you enough space to reach in and apply windows and doors later. Sand away any exterior appearances of glue on the exterior. You may also drag a wire brush or heavy steel wool over the walls to gouge up some shreds of the plastic, simulating splintered, old wood. This scarring may be done before or after painting, or both.

You may now paint the open shells of the buildings quickly because (except for any separately painted exposed structural members) there is nothing in your way to slow you down. If you had painted the wall sections BEFORE assembly, the merest spot of glue would make a mess of the paint, and sanding paint from any dried glue residue would require you to repaint.

Windows and Doors:

With your paint work complete, you can now install the windows and doors, reaching in from top or bottom of the buildings. Done!

Finish the Tower:

As the supplied instructions indicate, you may now glue the hoist tower and coal supply (step C in the instructions) together to give you one structure which should stand up on a level surface. For now, ignore the instruction under step B, 5 regarding attachment of the corner landing -we’ll do that AFTER the 2 tower sections are bonded into a single structure.

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