Rail cars listed below are from a clean and well-maintained layout. Most are Athearn, and all have been upgraded with Intermountain metal wheelsets and McHenry or Kadee knuckle couplers mounted to the correct height. Some were built from kits, some were purchased ready to roll. We have over 2000 cars to list, so check back often for new listings.

PLEASE NOTE: Some flat cars have remnants of glue and various modeling materials (balsa wood, strip plastic, etc.) which are what remain from loads the former owmer had mounted on the cars. While visually pleasing, many of these modifications were fanciful, and some incorporated very expensive vehicle models. We have therefore removed all loads, but there is still some clean-up to do if you want to restore them completely.

Some car parts (such as a brakewheel, truck frame or roof walk) on a small number of cars have been painted to suit the owner’s taste, such as a roof walk painted to resemble aluminim, or a brake wheel painted “safety red.” The easiest restoration is to paint over these details with another color. Most, however, are so well done that the appearance is quite credible.

In general, except for the above noted changes, all cars are so well maintained and clean they appear to be fresh out of the box. An exquisite collection of upgraded cars.

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