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These are your classic, Paragon 2 Sound and DCC locomotives – factory new (not “refurbs”) which are priced at savings between 41 and 51 percent. LOWER than wholesale!

Follow links to see complete descriptions on the Broadway Limited website, or else to descriptions of similar products.

To Order: Enter the quantity you want in the box next to the part number. At bottom of form, enter your email address, then click “Send Order.” We’ll bill you for the loco(s). When you pay, we will order.

If you prefer, call us with your order at 434-823-4809. Or send an email to

Time is of the Essence, supply is VERY limited: The chances of you getting what you order depend on how quickly you order, how quickly you pay, and how many other buyers are ordering the same; not just from this page, but from everywhere. Payments for orders billed, but unfilled, will be refunded promptly. If you are willing to accept substitutes (different road name/number for same model, same price) please let us know using the comments box, below.

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