$15 Minimum Order – Why?

The simple fact is that most items on the Quick-Pick page can’t be shipped as priced (with shipping included) unless the total order comes up to a certain mimimum.  For example, an order for only one pair of KD #5 couplers shipped at the quoted price of $1.25 would fall far short of the cost of the coupler, packaging and postage. However, if the total order hits $15 (or thereabouts) then the Kadee can certainly be included at the $1.25 price.

We don’t want to force any customer to buy more of anything then they want, so the best way we know of accommodating what you really need is to set a minimum for everything under one order: some road bed, a bottle of glue, a few sticks of track, plus that one pair of KD’s, for example.

In some cases, there will be items that can be shipped at the price for one item, or perhaps just a small amount added for shipping. But that get’s complicated, depending on the items involved. In such cases, just use the message box to ask about it – we’ll do our best to make it happen.

We appreciate your understanding.

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