Spend enough time in the HO rail modeling hobby and you will soon learn that there is a huge market for buying and selling model railroad equipment and supplies among individuals. This page points you to folks who are looking to sell and would like a more or less permanent presence where prospective buyers can easily locate them.

Feel free to email me with such information about you and what you are offering as you would like to see here. At a very minimum, this should include a few lines about what kinds of things you have for sale, and an email address where buyers may contact you. But you can do more, if you wish. For example, if you always have something going on at your own web site or an ecommerce venue like Bonanza or eCrater or even eBay, then give me some pictures of typical product and the link to your listings or your email address. Although this site emphasizes HO scale, I’ll gladly list for other scales, as well.

Please note that we offer no way for an actual purchase transaction between private buyers and sellers to be done here – that’s between¬† the buyer and seller. We’re just making “introductions.” To list YOUR inventory, contact me at jsgeare@yahoo.com.

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